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Moms who start with Show Me The Money usually struggle with having extra money after all the bills are paid. Setting budgets, always working, and even trying to raise their credit after a bad break up are things they are wanting to work on. Being able to work from home, build generational wealth is extremely important. 

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Meet Your New Sisters


Hey sister! I am Teresa and my mission is to help you free yourself from anxiety and build a thriving life as a single mom. I started because I have realized there is a need for a sisterhood, education, inspiration, and a easy to use roadmap for women who are like me...single moms who want to become boss moms. There is a lot of information out there, and it can get overwhelming. That is why I launched Basic 2 Boss: Mom L.A.B. to show you that you don't have to struggle while juggling home life, raising kids, trying to date, and having financial stability while doing it all by yourself.


Hey there GORGEOUS! I am Amanda...a household CEO and chaos coordinator to 6 amazing kiddos. My specialties include: Playground Medic, Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator, Search & Rescue: Small Toys Unit, and the list goes on! In my spare time I own a business where I help empower moms to do all the things (including making an income from home sweet home) while enjoying ME TIME!!! I have 17 years experience in my field. I love all things concerning being a Mommy in REAL life from how to stay organized, ta-da lists, meal planning, and self care! Basic 2 Boss was created as a way to reach as many women as we could to serve you through the struggles and triumphs that come with being a MOM BOSS!!! I cannot wait to see you on the inside.